P.S. Construction Investment is one of leading independently owned property and construction company operating across the UK and foreighn. We are passionate about delivering quality projects and client satisfaction; we will always deliver on our promises and ensure excellence in all that we do.

Through our philosophy and commitment to ‘self-delivery’ we manage out construction risks rather than transfer them to others and focus on developing solutions and delivering quality. We excel because of the talented people we employ, the companies continued investment in training, specialist plant and strategic assets, plus our strong internal culture of team work and well-grounded family values.

We are unique within the construction industry as a consequence of our internal specialist design and build, basement, civil engineering and construction solutions. Our greatest strength, and where we can bring significant value to clients, is when our divisional resources are integrated into a single team of specialists.

Built on strong, robust finances, P.S. Construction Investment is a growing multi-disciplinary construction company, delivering both minor and major contracts, operating as a Principal or Specialist Niche Contractor in support of Construction Partners on significant, £Multi-million schemes.

We are committed to Client satisfaction and getting to know our clients and not just the projects we deliver for them. We seek to understand what is truly important to them, enabling us to build long-lasting relationships based on exceptional delivery.

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